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Bouncing onto the national scene straight from America’s Heartland, Logan Tudeen’s debut project offers a twist on modern country with a light and jubilant delivery. “I’m not here to rain on anyone’s sunshine, this is a fun record. It was a dream of mine to record it and I really hope everyone has a great time listening to it.” Under the production wing of Kent Wells (Dolly Parton) and his GTR label, Logan’s debut captures both her gleeful spirit and relatable lyrics.

This performer, who shared her childhood years between Florida and Iowa, began performing in theater productions at the tender age of six. With a supportive family, Logan began traveling between Nashville and Iowa to work on her debut album, consisting of eight songs, all of which she co-wrote. Listeners can hear the musical theater background in her approach to melodies and in her unique bends and emphasis on individual syllables.

Acting much like an audio diary into her personal life, Logan filled this project with vulnerable accounts of relationships, one of which is an inspirational voice for her sister. “You Can Do It Girl” is a track I wrote for my sister. It’s important for her to know that she has the power and the ability to pursue her dreams and I will be beside her the whole way as her cheering squad.”

Logan has been blessed to be able to share the stage with some of the finest talent in Nashville and recently won Radio Airplay’s Summer 2015 Contest Best Summer Song with her track “High Times”. As a fan of the country genre, Logan understands the impact that a song can have on a listener’s choices and hopes that her music can prove to be a positive influence in people’s lives.